The Horse and His Boy (The Chronicles of Narnia #3)

by C.S. Lewis

Unconditional Recommendation: A young boy and a talking horse escape captivity and flee north to Narnia only to end up trying to save it from a prideful Calormene prince.

Age: Middle Grade
Series: The Chronicles of Narnia, Book Three
Pages: 224
Published: 1954

Genre: Fantasy, Christian Allegory

This book is quite unique among the Narnia books because, though the familiar characters of Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy make an appearance, this is more a side story during the time of their reign.

It’s a fun and interesting story that gets better and better as the story goes along and more information is revealed. Which leads me to what I love about this book: it showcases a God who is with us throughout our lives, working in the details, events and circumstances for a purpose we cannot see at the time. Aslan played a role and directed the circumstances of Shasta’s life all for the great end of fulfilling a prophecy given at his birth. God is sovereign and works in both the details and big events of human history and nothing can thwart His plan, just like nothing could thwart Aslan’s plans for Shasta.

Summary from the Publisher

Narnia…where horses talk and lions roam the desert…where four unlikely companions unite to save a kingdom. Just when the boy Shasta is about to be sold into slavery, he makes a surprising friend—a talking horse! The two decide to run away north, to the land of Narnia. On the way they meet two other travelers as unusual as themselves. When they discover an evil plot to invade and conquer Narnia, the four companions’ escape to freedom becomes a race against time and peril to save themselves and everything they have come to love.

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