Song of the Wanderer (Unicorn Chronicles #2)

by Bruce Coville

Conditional Recommendation: With the help of her magical friends, Cara embarks on a dangerous journey across Luster to return to earth and find her grandmother.

Age: Middle Grade
Series: Unicorn Chronicles, Book Two
Pages: 336
Published: 2001

Genre: Fantasy

I enjoyed this second book in the series even more than the first book! Coville expands Luster, answers questions and introduces new mysteries just as fast. The plot points were clever and had me unable to stop, delightedly on the edge of my seat for what would happen next. He weaves such an organic and believable tale that I was swept along for a ride. If you liked the first book or even thought it was so-so, give the sequel a try before you jump ship!

I like the plot twists of the first book, but they are nothing on what is revealed in this book! Coville continues the story of Cara, her grandmother, and the unicorns beautifully, the previous book blending seamlessly into this one.

Summary from the Publisher

Cara must return to Earth to save her grandmother, the Wanderer. But to do so, Cara must first travel through the wilderness of Luster, land of the unicorns, full of unknown creatures and perilous adventure around every bend in the road. Only at the back of the dragon Ebillan’s cave will she find the gate that can return her to Earth. Embarking on the journey of her life, Cara will face vicious terrain, delver attacks, and a surly dragon. Beyond all this looms one more danger: Beloved, Cara’s infamous ancestor, who has dedicated a lifetime to ridding the earth of unicorns. Is Cara strong enough to resist Beloved’s ruthless magic and trickery? Can she bear betraying her own blood?

Enduring Themes, Goodness and Truth

Discovery and restoration are the major themes of this book amidst all the adventure and twists. I love the theme of redemption, of the lost being found, relationships being restored, and of the wanderer returning home. It mimics so many biblical stories and the fact that God wants to save the lost, waits patiently, and makes a way.

A Satisfying Ending

This ending is even better than the first. It wraps a few story lines up so well that it’s surprising that there’s two more books, but there’s also

Recommendation Note

In this second installment we get more scenes and exposure to Beloved and she is creepy and, I want to say, demented in her mindless pursuit to obtain the amulet and destroy all unicorns. There’s a few battles—one between Cara, her friends, and the delvers and another with Beloved and her cronies—and there’s some violence, wounding and blood.

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