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Raising Dragons (Dragons in Our Midst #1)

by Brian Davis

Conditional Recommendation: A boy discovers that he’s part dragon and with his family and friends, is thrust into a millennia-long struggle between slayers and dragons.

Age: Middle Grade
Series: Dragons in Our Midst, Book 1 of 4
Pages: 368
Published: 2004

Genre: Christian Fantasy

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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (The Chronicles of Narnia #5)

by C.S. Lewis

Unconditional Recommendation: Lucy, Edmund, and their cousin Eustace join King Caspian and Reepicheep on their adventures aboard the Dawn Treader as they voyage in search of seven lost lords and Aslan’s Country.

Age: Middle Grade
Series: The Chronicles of Narnia, Book Five
Pages: 248
Published: 1952

Genre: Fantasy, Christian Allegory

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Dragon Slippers

by Jessica Day George

Conditional Recommendation: A young seamstress gets an unusual pair of slippers from bargaining with a dragon and becomes a major player in facing the threat against her kingdom.

Age: Middle Grade
Series: Dragon Slippers, Book 1 of 3
Pages: 324
Published: 2007

Genre: Fantasy

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Cytonic (Skyward #3)

by Brandon Sanderson

Conditional Recommendation: Spensa goes even farther into the corners of the galaxy to discover what she is and what she can do to save her people.

Age: Young Adult
Series: Skyward, Book 3 of 4
Pages: 409
Published: 2021

Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy

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Dark Whispers (Unicorn Chronicles #3)

by Bruce Coville

Conditional Recommendation: Cara is sent on another mission in Luster: to collect a story from the centaurs while her father searches on earth for her mother.

Age: Middle Grade
Series: Unicorn Chronicles, Book Three
Pages: 480
Published: 2008

Genre: Fantasy

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The Brightest Night (Wings of Fire #5)

by Tui T. Sutherland

Conditional Recommendation: Sunny the SandWing discovers the secrets of her home and the Dragonets of Destiny must reconcile the seven tribes to end the epic dragon war.

Age: Middle Grade
Series: Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy, Book Five
Pages: 308
Published: 2014

Genre: Fantasy

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The Dark Secret (Wings of Fire #4)

by Tui T. Sutherland

Conditional Recommendation: The dragon war is escalating and Starflight the NightWing must gather his courage to save both his friends and his tribe.

Age: Middle Grade
Series: Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy, Book Four
Pages: 336
Published: 2013

Genre: Fantasy

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by Avi

Unconditional Recommendation: A little mouse discovers the truth and her courage when she defies the menacing great horned owl and journeys out of bounds to find a new home for her family.

Age: Middle Grade
Series: The Poppy Books, Book Three
Pages: 163
Published: 1995
Genre: Fantasy, Animal

Awards: Boston GlobeHorn Book Best Fiction Award (1996), New Mexico’s Children Choice Award (1999), National Christian School Association, Crown Classic (1998), Maryland’s Children’s Choice Award (1998), ALA Notable (1996)

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Dragon Rider

by Cornelia Funke

Conditional Recommendation: A dragon, a brownie, and a boy set off on a quest to find the Rim of Heaven, a safe place for dragons to live, before humans invade their home or an ancient villain catches them.

Age: Middle Grade
Series: It was a standalone until 2018 when Funke published the companion novel, Dragon Rider: The Griffin’s Feather
Pages: 523
Published: 2005 (English), 1997 (original German)

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

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Eragon (Inheritance #1)

by Christopher Paolini

Conditional Recommendation: A fifteen-year-old farm boy hatches a dragon egg and begins the long journey of legacy of avenging his uncle and learning the ways of dragon riders.

Age: Young Adult
Series: Inheritance, Book One
Pages: 497
Published: 2003

Genre: Fantasy

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